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Skyone CNC was started by 2 roommates who saw the need for a high quality set of CNC bits at an affordable price. We got started just like many of you when we purchased our first CNC router and joined many of the online CNC forums. We recognized the many inquiries by beginners about what bits were needed and where to purchased them from. We also recognized that all the so called “starter sets” on the market were incredibly high priced and didn’t include the most widely used bits for these types of machines and we knew we could do better!

Enter our S1R CNC brand of CNC bits. We pooled our money together and used our years of experience in manufacturing to come up with a set of bits that are 100% American made and 100% solid carbide from American sourced raw materials. We knew with a little hard work we could provide a great product at an affordable price! Even more important to us was to provide the best customer service possible!

Sales started off slow but quickly snowballed into what it is today thanks to our great customers who recognized the quality and value of our products and who are always quick to recommend us to anyone who is questioning where to get bits. Our original plan was to just sell the starter sets on the various CNC forums but our customers quickly demanded that we offer more and we listened!  We now offer many different sizes and styles of CNC endmills as well as other products to help the CNC router community. Shipping is always fast and free in the USA and for our friends to the north in Canada, we have partnered with cncbits.ca to offer our products in a timely manner and without the extra expenses associated with purchasing from the USA.

A huge thank you goes out to all our fantastic customers, especially those that took a chance on us in the very beginning, before anyone had ever heard of Skyone CNC. All of you are 100% responsible for our growth and success and we can’t thank you enough! We may have grown bigger than we ever dreamed but you can be assured that we will continue to offer great products at and even better price and most importantly, offer the best customer service possible no matter how big we grow. We demand it!

Thanks everyone!!!

Jim and Mike

Shipping is always
fast and free in the USA!